COD 45

Chairs (Required)

Our beautiful volcanic stone tables are hand-crafted in Deruta, Italy, a small medieval town famous for its traditional production of majolica ceramics. Here the secrets of the art of majolica have been passed down through the centuries from one generation to another, upholding the tradition of intense colors, exquisite design and high quality characteristic to this historic region. Each table is unique not only in the strokes of the artisan’s paintbrush but also in the very nature of the materials used to create these works of art. These stone tables backed by a lifetime guarantee against frost damage and fading.

Due to the natural composition of the volcanic stone slight variations in its color and porous texture are to be expected. These natural imperfections combined with the weatherproof properties of the finish and the unique strokes of the artisan’s paintbrush render each tabletop an inimitable true masterpiece that will last a lifetime.

Please refer to the below recommended seating configuration if you would like to add chairs to your order:


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